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“Q-Cut G6 Edition” with tool life

"Our development goal was to double the tool life of the saw blade - we have achieved this" (Markus Erkenbrecher, Product Manager, LEUCO)
"Our development goal was to double the tool life of the saw blade - we have achieved this" (Markus Erkenbrecher, Product Manager, LEUCO)

LEUCO has further expanded its Q-Cut product family with the Q-Cut G6 Edition panel sizing saw blade. The latest addition boasts an exceptionally long edge life and sets new standards not only in this respect. We asked Leuco product manager Markus Erkenbrecher about the story behind the robust new development.

In one of our last newsletters, we briefly introduced your newly developed Q-Cut G6 Edition saw blade – Mr Erkenbrecher, please outline the special features and advantages once again.

The special features include the reduced body thickness and the resultant larger tooth projection – both of which ensure optimized chip flow. The lighter base body also reduces the power consumption of the machine. Tighter axial and radial run-out properties, the optimized grinding quality of the TC teeth and the proven G6 tooth geometry guarantee a high quality of finish cut with previously unattained edge lives.

Two further features that can be seen with the eye are, one, our easyFix bore for easier mounting despite the tight fit between the saw blade and the shaft and, two, a new irregular gullet geometry that reduces noise when idling. In contrast to all other Leuco saw blades, the teeth are not matt, but shiny – which means the high grinding quality is apparent to the viewer at first glance.


The Q-Cut product family already has a broad base with its four models; what was the reason for the new model? Was it the customers' wish for even longer edge lives – after all, they were already impressive before?

The Q-Cut G6 is a further development of our former FinishCut family, where the focus lay solely on cutting quality. By changing the tooth geometry to G6 and using an improved cutting material, edge life increased noticeably without any loss in cutting quality. Nevertheless, demands are growing continuously and our development goal was to double the edge life – and we have achieved this, as countless tests have shown.


Please briefly describe the outstanding features of the new blade?

The outstanding feature is the extraordinarily high quality of cut that is achieved with this blade over an extremely long edge life, previously only achieved in exceptional cases. These results are not only attained in one edge life, but also after premium service in our service stations.


Which diameters are available to users of the new Q-Cut?

We are starting with the most common dimensions first. The Q-Cut G6 Edition will initially be available in diameters of 350, 360, 380 and 450 mm. Other dimensions will follow shortly, so that in future all users, regardless of which machines they use for cutting, will be able to enjoy the advantages of the new Q-Cut.


Have you already received feedback from customers?

Yes, the very positive results we achieved with our test partners during the development phase have also been confirmed in the field. We received consistently positive feedback regarding the very long-lasting quality of finished cut.


In one of our spring issues we presented your patented Easyfix bore in detail; it is also a striking feature of the newly developed Q-Cut G6 Edition saw blade – did the Leuco development department also develop the innovative Edition blade with a view to the cant-free tool or did this happen more by chance almost at the same time?

The test phase of the patented easyFix bore geometry ran for many months and it was then introduced on a new family for cutting of aluminum profiles. The development of the new Q-Cut G6 began at the same time. After the consistently positive feedback on easyFix, it was then a matter of course that we put the advantages of the easyFix bore on these new saws.

(Excerpt from an interview with the trade magazine HOB, published 01/2023)

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