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The Hogger world in three words:
"High feedrates, good chip caption,
material characteristics"


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Brief description and News

Hogging stands for highest performance in through-feed manufacturing in the woodworking, furniture and flooring industry

  • high feed rates
  • high chip volumes
  • Wood-based panels with an infinite variety of top and middle layers with features differing according to the respective manufacturer

Application of the LEUCO hoggers:

  • Double-end tenoners and double-end tenoners with scoring device in combination with a hogger, panel sizing saws, laminate and parquet flooring machines, double and finish cut saws, edge banding machines, folding machines and finger joint machines
  • For chip-free sizing, scoring, hogging of large offal widths and veneer overhang, for cutting of V grooves and rabbets for sizing cuts and for trimming and scoring of solid woods

A wide standard range of products and the possibility of customer-specific adaptations meet all your demands.